The Servant's Heart, Corp.

The Servant’s Heart, Corp.

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The Servant's Heart, Fort Collins CO

Services Provided for the Community

Health care Advocate for Seniors & Veterans 55 plus
Health care Advocate provide direct services with appropriate concern for homeless people's social, mental health, and medical problems in order to promote client stability and empower them to reach their fullest potential. 

Health Education is very important

The goal of the Health Education Program is to provide a wide variety of primary prevention activities and health information to homeless individuals and families.  Our program is designed to encourage and support client understanding, motivation and empowerment, and to promote self-efficacy and positive health behavior change.

Please bring the following for your first visit

Current Proof of Address

an official item that has been mailed to you within the last 30 days

Rent receipt or a utility bill

Please no Junk mail it’s not considered valid proof

Current Proof of Income

pay stubs for the past 30 days

an award letter from SS or SSI/SSD

Others are helping you pay your expenses an affidavit of income assistance will be REQUIRED AND VERIFIED, all of these are good proof documents and will need to be provided for each working adult in the household.

Social Security Cards or Birth Certificates

Each person in your Household. Individuals may not be added to the family record without documentation.

A Photo ID Is required for all adults receiving services. 

Three months evaluation and update is conducted to see how our services have helped and at this time exist out survey.

All services are considered on a case by case basis and eligibility is determined by the Servant's Heart guidelines and based on availability of funds and resources.

  • Food baskets when available
  • Clothing-clean and seasonal clothing and shoes, bedding, small household items and toys/books for children
          Sizes 2xl to 5xl available at this time
  • Toiletry Items: shampoo, conditioner, soap, body lotion, razor etc.
  • Gas vouchers and bus tokens for medical or job related appointments (when available)
  • Education: Health Care, Job skills improvement, resumes writing, interview training
  • Learn to do it yourself workshops
  • Healthcare Advocacy, navigation assistance for Seniors & Veterans 55 plus
  • Children’s special programs: Back to School, Birthday Closet, Christmas Store



How do you pass the time when you have too much of it? What are some healthy ways to use your time that you could share with someone? There are so many blessings we take for granted every day that we can share with our less fortunate neighbors. Examples of these are music, conversations, Scripture, board games, and more.

Learn to do it yours self workshops
Anyone can learn new skills, bit it’s easier if you have someone to serve as an instructor.  One of the biggest ways to save money through the years is to “do it ourselves.”  We offer hands on workshops. In the following areas.  There is a wonderful sense of accomplishment and empowerment that comes from knowing that you can do things like this for yourself. That feeling grows with each new skill you master.

Basic Car Maintenance: Oil change, tire rotation & air pressure, safety checks, battery maintenance
Basic Home Maintenance:  fix leaky faucets,  a light fixture, re-purpose old into new, how to sew and more.
Save on food:  grow and can or freeze your own vegetables, make pickles, bake bread, how to coupon and more. Enjoying learning how to grow in small spaces, bags, or hay bails. Recycle, Reuse, Reduce 

Education Workshops
Hone in on your existing skills, improve basic skills, learn new skills, empower yourself towards being  self-sufficient.

           Phase One                                          Phase Two                        Phase Three                   
      Career Mentoring                                  Accountability                 Financial Planning                        

        Skills Training                                       Responsibility                     Self-Sufficient                                                       Work Ethics                                         Volunteering                        Sustainability
    Work relationships                              Interview training              Seeking Employment

                                                                Cover letter & Resume 
                                                                  Job search assist

Spiritual Workshop

Bible Study                                     

Becoming Who You Are in Christ

Love Service Project

Church Services

Organizations that TSH serves alongside

Faith Family Hospitality (FFH)

We provide backpacks, school supplies, and clothes to help homeless children who are starting or going back to school. The Servant’s Heart, Corp. also holds photo sessions for their families as pictures aren’t something they can afford, not even school pictures. We make sure they have school pictures and family pictures.

Every child deserves to be happy on Christmas day. That is why our organization hosts a Christmas drive, Christmas party, and a visit from Santa for homeless kids to make them feel the holiday cheer.

Fort Collins Rescue Mission

  • The Servant’s Heart Toiletry Drive and Bra Drive
  • Christmas Stocking Stuffed With Socks and Gloves 

Serve 6.8

We conduct community outreach with other local nonprofits and serve alongside other organizations. Currently, we come along side working with Serve 6.8 to support low-income families in Fort Collins on Serve Day.

Additional Information

Homeless Shelters

Catholic Charities: 970-484-5010

Murphy’s Center: 970-494-9940

Ft. Collins Rescue Mission: 970-224-4302

Faith Family Hospitality, FC: 970-484-3342

Other Local Resources

Disabled Resources: 970-482-2700

Colorado Legal Services: 970-493-2891